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August 2010 - Chesapeake Bay Boating Magazine

In Whitehaven, Md., on the Wicomico River, making a good life is not a forgotten art.

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Whitehaven Hotel reprises turn-of-the-century architecture

March 2006 - By BONNIE TROXELL - Special to Home & Garden, The Daily Times

"It is definitely a labor of love on the owner's part," said Cindy Curran, innkeeper and manager of the Whitehaven Hotel, which features the combined architectural styles of the Federal, Second Empire and Victorian periods. Southwest of Salisbury, it's just a 25-minute drive along scenic roads to reach the restored hotel. Read more >

2005 Maryland State Preservation Award Winner

The Whitehaven Hotel, in Wicomico County, was originally constructed in 1810 as a residence situated on the banks of the Wicomico River. In the 1880s it was converted to a hotel to serve steamboat travelers disembarking at the Whitehaven village wharf. An adjacent store building was moved and attached to enlarge the hotel, and the building received a mansard roof and wrap-around porch. Wings were attached in the 1890s and circa 1910. The hotel housed a general store, telegraph office, post office, and saloon. As the steamboat era closed in the 1930s, Whitehaven’s waterfront was no longer bustling, the village became a backwater, and the hotel returned to its origins as a private residence. Read more >

Where Chesapeake steamboats once docked

On Eastern Shore, Whitehaven looks forward to a new era of hospitality.
Link to the September 7, 2003 story in the Travel Section of the Baltimore Sun - by Kennerly Clay

HGTV Crew Records Restoration Efforts in Wicomico Village To Air On National Television

Sept. 2, 1999 - By BRICE STUMP of the Times Staff

It took a three-man crew three days to capture the beauty and historic charm of the Wicomico River village of Whitehaven for a national television program. Hours of video were shot by Home and Garden Television's team in preparation for a 20-minute "Restore America" segment, expected to air within the year.

Students help restore old Whitehaven Hotel
Sept. 2, 1999 - By MARK STAROSIELEC, Daily Times Staff writer

WHITEHAVEN - Teachers students and parents associated with Wicomico County's Thinking and Doing program met Wednesday morning to celebrate the close of their involvement with the Whitehaven Hotel restoration project. A total of 280 students from grades three through six in 12 county schools have been working on a number of aspects of the restoration project since March 1996. The 280 students were selected from their school's gifted and talented programs.
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Wicomico town goes through a revival
August 29, 1999 - By DICK MOORE

...thanks to the work and devotion of a dedicated few, Whitehaven is now undergoing a revival. The old hotel is being restored and now gleams brightly with its yellow paint and highlighted rich red and green colors. Click here for complete article >

A New Beginning: Whitehaven Hotel getting fresh look
August 25, 1999 - By MARK STAROSIELEC, Daily Times Staff writer

WHITEHAVEN - Restoration of the Whitehaven Hotel is a little behind schedule, but is on budget and should be complete sometime in early 2000, officials said Tuesday. Click here for complete article >

Digging in the Past:
As the Whitehaven Hotel is renovated, Ed Otter hunts for clues to its history

July 27, 1997 - By BRICE STUMP, Daily Times Staff writer

Archaeologist Ed Otter is a modern-day Sherlock Holmes as he picks into the earth around and under the old Whitehaven Hotel in search of clues to its past. He has uncovered bits of glassware, bone, metal and pottery. Nothing is made of silver or gold, but to Otter the artifacts are valuable. They are like threads, once part of the fabric of life of folks who lived here for almost 200 years.

Now that the former hotel has been raised from its foundation - the first step in a renovation project - Otter can almost stand erect under the building which may occupy the site of an 18th century store. It became a hotel in the 1880s and closed in the 1940s. Click here for complete article >

Whitehaven Hotel gets $20,000: State funds to be used for restoration
October 10, 1996 - By TRACY SAHLER, Daily Times Staff writer

WHITEHAVEN - The dream of restoring a more than 100-year-old hotel here became a reality Wednesday.
The Maryland Board of Public Works approved a plan for spending $200,000 in state and private funds on the project clearing the way for work to begin on the Whitehaven Hotel as soon as the end of November. Making the old hotel usable as a modern bed-and-breakfast -- with its rural location, history and riverfront setting as attractions -- while maintaining its historic character will take around $500,000 and at least a couple of years. Click here for complete article >



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